The Perfect Fit: A glorious work of love.

ericloveTo Propose his love, The brilliant lover Eric built her a Fairy Tale Storybook with secret puzzles about their life.

This is how he did it,something unique:


The proposal episode in Eric’s words:

“I made her a fairytale storybook with puzzles that unlocked each chapter. The ring was at the end of the last chapter. When she opened that last page, I was down on one knee. She solved the puzzle, which exposed the ring, and I proposed. Unbelievably (to me), until she saw the ring she wasn’t expecting this to be a proposal. Here’s the story!


Growing up, Shirin loved to make story books for her family so I decided to create a fairytale story based on our relationship.


We met at SantaCon so the book is about the two main characters – Super Santa and Ms. Gingerbread and their quest to find The Perfect Fit. What is the Perfect Fit? Neither of them know…. yet. Each chapter in the book is accompanied by a puzzle based on unique details of our relationship. She has to make the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly in order to get to the next chapter.


The first chapter is the story of the day we met at a Christmas Festival called Santacon in San Francisco. I was dressed as Super Santa and she was Ms. Gingerbread. In order to move to the next chapter she had to find Super Santa and Ms. Gingerbread from an array of Christmas characters and line them up with a mistletoe, because our first kiss was under a mistletoe. Once she lined them up, she could move the Christmas tree up and that unlocked the next page.


The second chapter is the story of our adventures on the road with our RV, nicknamed The Slim Roller. As she moves the RV, little wooden icons popped up on the road. These were either fun things we did together like Burning Man, Zion National Park, Coachella and a gnarly grizzly encounter in Alaska. I also included some of the obstacles that could’ve derailed us, like how I got really sick on our first date but she went out with me again or sleeping in a Walmart parking lot stranded in Elko, Nevada.


The third page is all about Pickles, our labradoodle puppy. He has added so much joy to our life and taught us so many life lessons, like “Go crazy with excitement whenever a member of the pack comes home”. Slide the left and right sides open and you’ll see Pickles is now in the middle, walking into the distance with us. It also unlocks the final chapter…story-wheel

In the last chapter, Super Santa finally figures out that Ms. Gingerbread is his “Perfect Fit”. The’ve been on a quest to find the perfect fit, but she’s been there with him the whole time. When she got to this part of the story, I was down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Amazingly, she was so caught up in the story that she didn’t even realize that I was proposing until she actually saw the ring. Boom!


sparepartsAlmost 400 pieces of screws and bolts used for this creation

Watch the video:



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