The 10 Most Googled Beauty Questions of 2016


  1. How to make hair grow faster?
  2. How to remove gel nails?
  3. How to clean makeup brushes?
  4. How to curl hair?
  5. How to shape eyebrows
  6. How to apply concealer?
  7. How to get rid of bags under your eyes?
  8. How to do a fishtail braid?
  9. How to fill in eyebrows?
  10. What is balayage?



Stop Waiting & Looking For Someone To Complete You. You Are Your Own Soulmate

268H.jpgThe problem is not that we’re looking for someone else. The problem is that some of us are not finding ourselves first. We believe there’s another soul out there to complete us. What if that other part was nothing but a part of ourselves? A part unexplored? Undesired, even? The amount of time we spend searching for a certain someone, if only we’d use that time doing things that make us happy instead.Explore our own company. Play with it. Romanticize it. There’s so much we can do, all by ourselves provided we allow us that liberty.

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